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Ryukyu no Ushi Naha Kokusai st.

2nd, October 2017 Grand Opening

3F 3-2-3 Makishi Naha-city
PHONE / 098-987-6150
17:00〜23:30 (Last call 23:00)
※Dinner time ONLY
Ryukyu no Ushi Naha kokusai st. & chatan can accept reservations.
※Ryukyu no Ushi Onna CANNOT accept reservations.

── Enjoy the Delicious Flavours of the Finest Quality ──


Finest Okinawan Wagyu Beef

Surrounded by the vast lands, time flows slowly in Okinawa.
We carefully select the fine grade Okinawan Wagyu beef
from cows reared locally in this nature of temperate climate
and green pastures.
You can enjoy our specially selected cuts of high quality meats.

Expert-selected Nameless Japanese Beef

Carefully chosen by our meat expert instead of just relying on
brand names, you can be assured that the taste and quality of our beef
is as of top grade beef yet served
at unbelievable prices compared to branded beef.

Quality Is Our Top Priority

We believe that that meat texture, freshness, hygiene control and safety
are all essential for tastiness and important for quality.
At our restaurant, serving the best quality meats is our top priority,
assuring our customers that you can enjoy safe meats
in the best condition always.