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| Okinawan Wagyu Beef |

Not only nationally renowned brand beef,
Okinawa is also famous as home to many high quality Wagyu beef cattle.
Yet instead of relying on brand names, our beef is strictly selected based on
its high quality of the top class from numerous quality beef in Okinawa.
Okinawan Wagyu is best for its rich flavours,as they are lovingly reared in the unique environment of slow island life.
You can enjoy this premium beef of the top class quality which is comparable to branded beef.

| Nameless Japanese Beef |

At our restaurant, we strive to serve you the best quality and the original flavours of good meats,
carefully selecting meats from all over Japan at reasonable prices based on quality as our top priority.
Thus we are able to serve beef stable in quality
and price which is not affected by market prices based on brand name or place of origin.
At our restaurant you can enjoy our "Nameless Japanese beef" which is of the top quality yet at unbelievable prices above its quality.
Enjoy our most delicious meats to your heart's content!